10 Apr 2021

Ballzy", 11 inch Raku vase~ Not easy to be a ballzy woman with heart. Not easy to keep Knowing your Worth and Telling your Truth in a culture steeped in patriarchal education. Not easy to feel the depth of sadness and loss, and muster the energy and will to help others move forward..

Eagle-Woman Ceramic Vessel

30 Dec 2020

An Eagle conveys the powers and messages of the Spirit. She represents connection to the Divine as it flies higher than any other bird. It is symbolic of the importance of honest, truthful principles.

stress and anxiety

Too Wired?

09 Sep 2018

"Too Wired?"  11 x 14" pastel 
We are rarely disconnected from our digital world. Facebook alone has 1.8 billion users. Many of our online relationships are superficial, and continual online sharing has psychological consequences. Studies suggest that increased Facebook usage contributes to anxiety and depression. If we are constantly paying attention to what others are doing, we become anxious and doubtful whether we are leading lives that fulfill our own potential.

Courage of Lady Godiva

The Courage of Lady Godiva

30 Mar 2014

The legend of Lady Godiva is not a sweet one, but one of great courage.  Lady G (God Diva) was an 11th Century English noblewoman, and although married to the Lord of the land, was very troubled by how much the peasants were taxed.  Just like today’s Wendy of Texas and Malala of Pakistan, she relentlessly spoke her truth to power and endured the resulting ride.

The Graces of Contraception

12 Mar 2014

Contraception IS health care for women. But in the U.S. today, one hundred businesses, religious groups and nonprofits are suing to block the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. With over 7 billion people

Mother's Email

06 Mar 2014

Dear Congressmen:  Mother's here still hanging around and I've noticed how women have advanced since my days in the 1800s. But Dear Congressmen, I am indeed sullen to learn, according to the 2013 Global Gender Gap Report which measures gender disparity around the world,