Through the Fire - A Woman's Guide to Transformation

"Through The Fire" takes the reader on a journey into the feminine cycles of change. This unique book guides women through five life stages and through many ages. As the pages turn, one enters the thoughts and behaviors, both dysfunctional and empowering, that shape womens lives.  This journey of self exploration then guides them to their own inner Wise Woman.

"As a Wise Woman, you are the artist of yourself and life transformations," says author, Satya Winkelman, a psychotherapist and accomplished clay artist. She parallels the process of making ceramic art to the process of personal growth and uses images of her own sensual, provocative art as guideposts to express, explain and illustrate how one's personality is conditioned and molded. She shows the reader how to reshape and embrace change using conscious awareness.

Taking the reader on a voyage of self-discovery, Satya provides women of all ages with a map of self-observation and change, helping them to find their own Authentic Selves, develop acceptance of change, and balance their inner masculine and feminine energies. "It is from this balance we can heal and experience peace within and harmony without," she states.

The reader can see where they are, where they have been, and where they are going while on this path to greater authenticity. Discover what you can expect on your passage through five distinct stages of feminine development: Maidening, Mothering, Morphing, Maturing and Matroning.

The book encourages you to:

  • Learn where you fit on your journey of transformation
  • Gain clarity and self-awareness
  • Discover which outdated beliefs have kept you "stuck"
  • Formulate new perspectives and ideas to move you forward
  • Balance your masculine and feminine energies
  • Birth your Authentic Self
  • Create your most precious work of art...Yourself!

"Through The Fire" is an artistic and humorous guide that includes self-help, workbook-style exercises at the end of each stage of transformation that provide insight into individual belief systems which effect personal growth. The questionnaires help in expression of the reader's inner truths, guiding them to greater authenticity, clarity and direction. It is written for women who question their lives and yearn for more balance, confidence, and fulfillment.