About Satya

Satya Winkelman has spent nearly 30 years working as a change agent and shares her unique five-stage process in her book, "Through The Fire: A Woman's Guide To Transformation". Using images of her own sensuous artwork, she takes the reader through the steps on a path to greater authenticity, self-acceptance and higher states of consciousness.

She earned a Master's degree in Psychology and Expressive Arts, as well as having training in art therapy and is Nationally Board Certified as a Psychodramatist, Sociometrist, and Group Psychotherapist. Satya has been a communication and effectiveness trainer and consultant for Fortune 500 companies, schools, churches and businesses throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe for over 25 years.

Satya has designed and facilitated hundreds of Wise Woman Workshops, has been a staff trainer and Program Director for Kripalu Holistic Health Center in Lenox, MA., and was the staff trainer and Director of Psychodrama at Palms Psychiatric Hospital, Sarasota, Florida. Additionally, she was the creator and director of Personal Growth Theatre, an improv troupe of professional mental health workers teaching communication and relationship skills, and was the host of a live TV talk show, "Mental Health Matters", and is the creator of PowerChickArt, her art gallery and blog for women's empowerment.

"It has been a passion of mine to help awaken women to their full potential and throughout my career, I have been encouraging them to do so. It's seems more important now than ever before!  We no longer can look outside for authorities to heal our ills. Each of us must look within to hear our own feminine voice of compassion and emotional expression and learn how to nurture ourselves as well as others."  Today, the author continues to teach communication skills and facilitate women's personal growth groups. Satya is the mother of two adult sons, creates art and performs improv comedy in Sarasota, Florida.   

Satya uses 36 of her sensual ceramics pieces in her “Through the Fire: A Guide To Transformation” workbook as guideposts on the personal growth journey women travel toward higher consciousness. Art and HIStory have long taught people what to think. Satya's art and her story will help deconstruct the story women have been taught about themselves and how that mindset has manifested in their lives. Satya believes that women need to rethink, reframe and rewrite a new story. She states, "We need to become more compassionate and nurturing with ourselves as we learn to balance our own masculine and feminine energy and express this power authentically". To hasten this awareness and feminine empowerment, she has created PowerChickArt.