About PowerChickArt

Power Chick Art's purpose is to serve as an expression of art doing what artists have done for years....to explore and to inspire greater awareness.

PowerChickArt intention is to stimulate further insight into the universal incorporation of the feminine. The art and articles are drawn from Satya's life experience of being a wife, a mother, an artist, a student of art history, a psychotherapist, a corporate effectiveness trainer, a yoga disciple living in an ashram, and a facilitator of women's empowerment groups for over 30 years.

The artwork in PowerChickArt is created from Satya's passionate yearning for the balancing of both expressions of masculine and feminine energy. Our societies are out of balance as the feminine has been denied and devalued by HIStory for too long and women have bought into that inequality.

PowerChick Art is NOT about HIStory or HERstory, who is "right" or "wrong" nor is it about bashing anyone's story.  Instead, its aim is to gain the observers permission to allow themselves to discover a new perspective which could lead to greater Enlightenment, Empowerment and Balance.

  • PowerChickArt invites a reframe of "power" and "feminism".
  • PowerChickArt urges self-acceptance; Be The Hen you are now.....
        ...and still look after your chicks.
  • PowerChickArt encourages a humorous look at what was, what is
        ...and imagines what could be.
  • PowerChickArt reminds us... We are the interpreter of Art and the Interpreter of Life.
  • PowerChickArt states, We Are The Art.....everything else is just the frame.

 Enjoy, Express, Empower and Thanks for "liking" and sharing!