Shift Happens!

28 Jun 2013

The feminine is awakening and Shift Happens!  We individually must unlock our Divine She...the feminine quality within us all to connect, collaborate and cooperate.  Blending both masculine strength with feminine nurturing we can stand up, speak up and value all.  HIStory was written by men.

Cultural Habits

10 Apr 2021

Cultural Habits”, 18 in. ceramic raku container. 
Watching a staggering crowd of women awkwardly parading around in the latest fashion of 6 inch stiletto heels reminds me of this ceramic piece I made after our trip to Thailand.


10 Apr 2021

"Perceptions", 12 in. Raku Ceramic Vase.
How we interpret our world determines our reality. Most perceptions are based NOT on what's there, but what we've been taught and habitually believe is there. This figure is looking RIGHT and looking LEFT, yet is is really ONE body with many view points. . She is both Black and White and filled or emptied of our habits of mind. 

Multi-Faceted Woman

10 Apr 2021

Multi-Faceted Woman", 20 inch painted ceramic vase 
 Women, as illustrated by this vessel, contain many parts, features and perspectives, often depending on the moon. She is nature, continually changing and transforming.


10 Apr 2021

"Melting", 23 in. raku vessel.
It seems we are in a planetary shift and can't control Mother Nature. The only shift we can control is from within. Nurturing ourselves, our environment and showing compassion for others is what we can do for stability, no matter how unstable She seems to be. 


10 Apr 2021

Bewildered” is a 23 inch two piece ceramic vessel which honors those times in our lives when we feel stuck. Her antennae are spinning in many different directions, but her feet seem too heavy to get her going. It's this resistance and time of indecision that heralds change.