women in art

Shift Happens!

28 Jun 2013

The feminine is awakening and Shift Happens!  We individually must unlock our Divine She...the feminine quality within us all to connect, collaborate and cooperate.  Blending both masculine strength with feminine nurturing we can stand up, speak up and value all.  HIStory was written by men.

The Graces of Contraception

12 Mar 2014

Contraception IS health care for women. But in the U.S. today, one hundred businesses, religious groups and nonprofits are suing to block the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. With over 7 billion people

It's Been No Picnic

19 Jul 2013

Art has played a prominent role in society and influences how we should think. Edouard Manet’s “The Picnic  was the inspiration for me to paint “It’s Been No Picnic”.  In Manet’s 1863 oil painting, the women are undressed, and the men clothed, which now seems the norm. Trained as a psychodramatist, I have learned to find much value in role reversals.