Rosie the Breadwinner: The Empowered Female

Rosie the Breadwinner: The Empowered Female

23 Aug 2013

There is an American role-reversal going on. “Women the new breadwinners” said a 2012 USA TODAY analysis of Census Bureau data, while a recent Nielsen study reported that women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next decade. There are even more women voters now. Wow!  The Feminine is emerging as a power to be reckoned with. But if you’re still in doubt, you’re right!  The masculine is stronger.  It has big missiles and more positions of authority and is probably better with technology. What would happen if “Rosie” rolled up her sleeves and realized her own power…but not in a masculine way?

All people have qualities that are both feminine and matter what they're wearing or what gender is proclaimed.  To sum up much literature on the subject, masculine energy is aggressive, competitive, outgoing, focused, logical, strong and independent. Feminine energy is known to be nurturing, internal, receptive, expansive, flexible, collaborative and connecting.  Neither is best or better.  They need to work together like a right and left hand on task. 

The gathering of feminine energy in the 60's encouraged women to ”Burn Your Bras.”  So women marched off to work and war braless.  The feminine became a mighty worker bee, stinging many but sharing her honey while trying to be a sexy woman/man.  Superwoman is exhausted and has crash landed. No offense to husbands or politicians, but many of us now are saddled with sagging boobs and little honey while still aghast at the masculine-energy-on-steroids way of the ruling the world.  With no spinning controls in sight, it seems there is no "win" in warfare with the masculine. What we can do, however, is balance our own energies, speak our own truths, and become the balanced Power Chicks we were intended to be.

Rosie the Breadwinner reminds us of our task.   She says, women, unite, nurture and empower yourself!  No longer do we need to act tough and be just like men to be powerful.  We need to find ways we can better nurture ourselves in body, mind and soul even while the testosterone movie of masculinity plays on.  How do we marry our own masculine strength and call upon our inner hero to focus its light while we are still in the dark?  How do we consciously blend our emotional intelligence with strong logic in order to guide us on this heartfelt journey?  Can we accept all aspects of reality and ourselves yet continue to dream a dream of equality and love?  If we can, we have redefined power.

Rosie says to nurture and allow your Inner Feminine to Balance with your Inner Masculine while honoring both in your heart.  No more fighting of might and right.  No more self flagellation and hiding in silence waiting for a prince charming to save the day. We all have the capacity to appreciate, to accommodate; to collaborate and communicate.  We can only start with ourselves, roll up our own sleeves and dig inside for our knowing. Time for the Emerging Feminine to awaken in all, Rosie says.